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Tiff gives Sonia an ultimatum as she punches Dotty in EastEnders

And Sonia goes on a date! But will Rocky approve?

At the house, Tiff is furious that Dotty is wearing her top and gives Sonia an ultimatum. It’s her or Dotty.

When Tiff and Sonia go to a boxercise class to let off some steam, Tiffany notices that fellow gym-goer Ethan is keen on Sonia. As they get ready for the class, Dotty enters and the girls have a stand-off.

Instructing the class, Nancy tells everyone to get in pairs and Tiffany immediately approaches Dotty. It’s game on!

Taking the opportunity of being boxing partners with Dotty, Tiffany punches her in the stomach and a fight breaks out between them and Nancy and Sonia rush to break it up. As Tiff storms out, Sonia rushes after her.

Afterwards, Tiff and Sonia debrief at home and Sonia reveals she has a date with the man from the gym, Ethan. Whilst Sonia is off on her date, Rocky isn’t convinced about her new man.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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