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Tiff worries about Bernie's pill addiction in EastEnders

As Rainie finally agrees to surrogacy and insemination begins.

Bernie wants Tiff to get her stronger diet pills, as they're not working fast enough, but Tiff refuses.

After Vi encourages Stuart and Rainie to find a distraction from Abi, and when Bernie hears they'll be making a decision on the surrogacy tomorrow, she once again pleads with Tiff for the pills.

Reluctantly, Tiff gives Bernie more pills and Vi and Rainie join Bernie at her weight loss group. When she doesn't lose as much weight as she hoped, Bernie is convinced that she's blown her chance.

However, after some encouragement from Vi, Rainie and Stuart ask Bernie to be their surrogate. They’re delighted and can do the insemination as soon as this week.

As Rainie, Stuart and Bernie head to their insemination appointment and are less than pleased when Vi insists she’s coming with them.

Afterwards, Rainie gives Bernie her first instalment, but it's less than agreed.

When Bernie tells Tiff what has happened, she demands that Bernie get the full amount agreed - forcing Rainie to admit she’s paid for a private investigator to track down Max.

Tiffany is more worried than ever after Bernie tries to order more pills and as she watched Bernie hand over her first instalment, she sees how much the money means to the Taylors.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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