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Tiffany and Keegan agree to divorce in EastEnders as Aaron leads Tiff down a dangerous path

Will she be able to forgive Aaron?

Things get awkward in The Vic when Tiffany and Aaron spot Keegan on a date with Anna, who quickly cottons on and leaves as it’s clear Keegan isn’t over Tiff.

Following advice from Mick, Keegan meets a hopeful Tiffany to announce that he wants a divorce.

Keegan is hopeful that his second date with Anna will go better after a chance run-in with Anna at the hair salon leaves Tiffany feeling embarrassed.

Later, Aaron, who overheard Dana and Bobby talking about the mosque fundraiser, rants about the woke brigade cancelling the nativity.

Overhearing, Keegan scolds Tiffany for listening to Aaron’s rubbish but things go downhill after she shares a petition on her page.

The next day, Tiffany feels fragile as Aaron apologises. Accepting his apology, they agree to go for lunch but not before Tiffany signs her divorce papers.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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