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Nugget's actions cause Amy and Denzel to split in EastEnders

But has Nugget lost every friendship he had?


As she becomes jealous of Denzel and Ebony’s budding friendship, Amy confides in Penny about wanting to sleep with Denzel and Penny states she should only take that step if she’s ready.

Soon, Amy heads to No.20 for Denzel’s party and asks to spend some alone time with him upstairs. As they attempt to sleep with each other, Denzel has difficulties because of the steroids and Amy tries to make him feel better. But he tries to cover and offends her in the process.

Later, Nugget finds Amy in McKlunky’s and tries to cheer her up but she baulks when he misreads the situation by trying to kiss her.

Back at home, Penny misreads Amy’s quietness for coyness, but soon worries as Amy’s upset becomes apparent. When Penny insists Amy must hold Denzel and Nugget accountable for their behaviour, she reasons that talking is the answer.

Later, Nugget lies to Denzel that Amy kissed him, before Denzel arrives and breaks up with Amy and in the Minute Mart, Amy gives Nugget some home truths.

After a run-in with Penny and an awkward encounter with Ebony at the Boxing Den, Nugget starts to worry and question his friendships before pleading with Denzel to give him steroids, wrongly assuming they are the answer.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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