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Tiffany suffers as things heat up between Keegan and Dotty in EastEnders

After Keegan discovers the truth about Bernie's diet pills following a worrying collapse.

Whilst Tiffany continues to obsessively check her face in the Mirror, Keegan confronts Dotty about the way she's treating Vinny.

Worried about putting on weight, Bernie pops a diet pill and thanks Tiff for sorting them for her. And after Tiff heads off to another appointment, Bernie feels faint and collapses! Keegan quickly rushes to Bernie's aid, while Gray calls the ambulance. Soon, a frantic Rainie appears.

When asked what medication she’s on, Bernie is forced to admit she’s been taking diet pills and Keegan is shocked when Bernie reveals that it was Tiffany that got them for her.

A furious Keegan has a go at Tiffany for giving Bernie the diet pills and getting more cosmetic work done - and her infection gets worse.

At the club, Dotty confronts Vinny for telling Keegan about them but after he reveals his true feelings for her, Dotty is left feeling awful.

Later, Keegan picks up his wages from a drunk Dotty and she offers him a drink. Meanwhile, at home, Tiff feels even worse and calls Keegan. However, he ignores the call as back at the club things heat up with Dotty.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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