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Time is ticking for Fergus in Hollyoaks as operation 'bluebird' loses subscribers

And who is newcomer 'Timmy'?

When best friend Warren blows him off for Fergus, Felix is frustrated so Grace hatches a plan to invite them to a poker night tomorrow. Where the game will be rigged to make sure Grace wins so they can see how Fergus will react to losing to a girl.

As poker night at The Dog arrives for Fergus, Grace, Felix and Warren, will Fergus realise the game is rigged?

Getting a visit from his tech guy, ‘Timmy’, Fergus is told that there's a problem with operation 'bluebird' and they're losing subscribers. A camera has gone down and they have 24 hours to get the camera live, or their biggest subscriber is cancelling.

With Fergus on a mission to get the hidden CCTV camera in Peri’s bedroom working again, he breaks into her room and makes the switch. But when she returns home, he's forced to hide in the closet. Will he get caught?

And when Timmy arrives at the garage asking for Fergus, Warren demands to know why he’s there. When he tells him it’s for ‘bluebird’, will Warren find out what’s been going on?

Meanwhile, Grace announces that she will be having a big re-launch of The Loft! As she plans her grand opening, Felix has doubts and worries she won't make much money. But when Warren tells Felix that The Loft is a gold mine, Felix is more excited than ever about the launch.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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