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Time is up for George's murderer in Hollyoaks as John Paul is arrested

But can the evidence be believed? And will the murderer come clean?

John Paul is put in a compromising position when new evidence comes to light in George’s murder case. James tells him that the only way to secure a lesser sentence is to plead guilty. And later, James has a shocking announcement for the McQueen family.

Certain she's found out who the mystery witness is that puts John Paul at the crime scene, Theresa is convinced it's a lie but DS Cohen doesn’t believe her and warns her to stay away or she’ll be arrested for wasting police time

As the McQueens celebrate a small victory in the case, Theresa turns to James to help prove that the witness is lying. When Ste worries that James’ feelings for John Paul could be reignited if he works closely with him, James agrees not to work on the case anymore.

However, it’s not long before he goes back on his word and helps Theresa trap the witness into admitting that they lied about putting John Paul at the crime scene. Overhearing a conversation between James and the McQueens, Leah realises that James has lied to her dad, Ste.

When Ste finds out, he's furious and confronts James who continues to lies to get himself out of it. Leah is furious and snaps at her dad when he takes James’ side over hers and tells him it was better when he wasn’t around.

Not knowing if he can trust James when he promises no more lies, Ste doesn't know whether he can forgive him for disrespecting his daughter, Leah. Hoping to get back in to Ste's good books, James apologises to Leah who has a plan to help him.

But when James asks Marnie to pick up a dancing costume in town for Leah, things don't go to plan when Marnie picks up the wrong outfit, leaving Trish frustrated and Leah disappointed.

Following Theresa’s successful mission to debunk the witness statement, John Paul is released from prison and returns home. Still a prime suspect, John Paul explains to his son, Matthew-Jesus, why he went away.

However, viewers will be shocked when someone tries to cover their tracks and accidentally leads the police straight to the murder weapon. But who is it?

As the walls close in on one of George’s murder suspects, flashbacks take us back to the scene of the crime and reveal new information about what really happened in his final moments.

When the hour of reckoning comes for George’s murderer, they prepare to come clean and reveal the truth. But will anyone get in their way?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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