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Time's running out for the Mitchells in EastEnders

And when Chaos erupts at Peggy's, will everyone make it out?

With his impending court appearance looming, Billy seeks solace in Sam who offers him moral support as Phil's guilt weighs heavy on him.

And things get worse for Phil when Keeble threatens to go after the rest of his family unless Jimmie is dropped from defending Billy.

Taking advantage of the situation, Shirley blackmails Sam for more money and threatens to tell Phil the truth.

When Sam calls her bluff, it backfires as Shirley storms off to find Phil and they both run into Jonah who is looking for Sam. As he grabs her arm, Phil intervenes and punches Jonah which leaves him making a chilling threat to the family.

As Phil reels, Shirley reveals all to Phil that Sam has been scamming him for months and Sam tries to defend herself. And Phil tells Richie she must take Jimmie off Billy’s case.

Sam is left trying to explain to Kat why she double-crossed Phil. As Kat realises Sam was behind all of the family's recent troubles, a fight ensues between the two ending with Phil kicking Sam out of the house.

Following the fight, Kat and Sharon bond over a drink.

At The Vic, Phil speaks to Shirley and as Ritchie tells a distraught Billy that Jimmie can no longer represent him, Phil watches on filled with guilt.

Noticing Phil and Ritchie’s subtle exchange, Shirley becomes suspicious and when Phil receives a text from Keeble, asking to meet, she secretly follows and gets some incriminating evidence on Phil which she can use to her advantage.

As Jonah confronts Sam for the remainder of his money, he later returns with two heavies to get the rest of his money from her.

In a case of mistaken identity at Peggy’s, they find Lola in the office and strong-arm her into opening the safe. As Lola struggles and breaks away, the heavies chase her into the party.

As Chaos erupts at Peggy's, will everyone make it out?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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