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Time's up for Summer as a gunshot is fired in Hollyoaks and an arrest is made

But who will come out on top, Sienna or Summer?

Summer’s reign of terror may soon come crashing down as someone discovers her diary and her gun.

Meanwhile, Brody fills Damon in on the truth about Summer and wants to take matters into his own hands. With Damon struggling to take a back seat on bringing Summer down, he decides to trick her, but he is double-crossed.

When Damon doesn't answer his calls, Brody panics and to make matters worse, somebody’s tipped off the police that Brody is back in the village.

Later, Cindy overhears a shocking conversation between Brody and Sienna and after getting the full scoop, wants to get involved.

As Sienna tries to trick Summer into confessing the truth, she may have met her match as it quickly backfires.

Summer's plan continues to unravel as she goes head-to-head with Sienna. With a spiked drink, an arrest and a gunshot, who will come out on top?

With the aftermath of yesterday’s events still fresh, an intervention is held for one village resident who struggles to move on. And there is a conversation about unresolved feelings.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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