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Tina's body is found in EastEnders

Leaving Mick and Shirley devastated. Will they discover that Gray was the killer?

With only a few participants, Mick threatens to cancel the boxing match if they don’t get more people to sign up and Janine turns to Kim for help with signing people up.

Completing her task, Kim promises that whoever beats Mick, has free drinks for a year! Frustrated, Mick asks Janine to ensure he fights the weakest person but to his horror, Janine's plan of drawing a weak person backfires.

Things get worse for Mick when he receives divorce papers from Linda. Choosing to ignore them, Mick practices for his boxing match.

Concerned that he's not capable, Shirley and Janine take action. And Shirley flirts with his competitor, Teddy, in the hope he will go easy on Mick.

Elsewhere, Martin and Nancy persuade Zack to enter a cooking competition and Nancy lets him use the kitchen at The Vic to practice. But when Zack later tells her that he's no longer entering the cooking competition, Nancy opens up to him about her parents’ divorce.

To lift their feelings, Nancy asks him to cook something for her and she later leans in for a passionate kiss.

Later, the Carter's world is turned upside down after DCI Arthurs reveals that Tina’s body has been found in the Argee Bhajee.

Suspicious, Shirley tells DCI Arthurs that Tina was taking money from her and that Gray said he saw her on the bus.

And as Shirley and Mick continue to process the news, Frankie returns to the Square.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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