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Toadie comforts Terese in her hour of need as he vows to fight for her in Neighbours

Will Terese give Toadie a second chance?


Eager to finish their interrupted conversation, Terese meets with Paul and concedes she was overthinking the situation, apologising for pushing Paul away, and grateful for his recent support.

When Paul reaffirms his promise that he’ll always be here for her, no matter what else is going on in their lives, Terese is glad they’re both clear where they stand. But later, she’s deeply rattled by another dream about her vow renewal with Paul.

Horrified by what the dream might mean, Terese follows Jane’s suggestion to see her therapist and the session leaves her with much to think about including more insight into her own conflicted feelings. But another hurdle lies ahead, as Terese receives word of Toadie’s imminent return to Erinsborough.

Feeling utterly defeated, Chelsea assumes that all her lies are about to be uncovered. Feeling like she’s got nothing left to lose, Chelsea is brutally honest with Terese, telling her that no woman will ever stand a chance with Paul while she's around.

When Terese reminds her that she’s the one who’s in a relationship with Paul, Chelsea is shocked and bitterly reveals that Paul is using her as a way of making Terese feel more comfortable to be around him.

Fired up, Terese confronts Paul, who confirms what Chelsea has said is true as he declares his love for Terese, who angrily tells him she’ll never allow herself to be duped by him again.

Returning to Erinsborough, Toadie makes it clear he’s going to do whatever it takes to make Terese see that he’s worthy of another chance.

Meanwhile, Susan insists she’s decided to turn down the Operations Manager job at Eirini Rising. But when Toadie shares with him how much Susan lit up when she talked about it, Karl makes it his mission to convince her to rethink her decision and assures her they’ll find a way to navigate her concerns.

Concerned to find Terese holed up in her bedroom with food poisoning, Nell calls Toadie, who takes it upon himself to manage Terese’s care. Similarly, when Paul hears that Terese is ill, he rushes to Number 22 but is dismayed to find Toadie in residence.

With Paul feeling shut out, Toadie uses the intimate time with Terese to voice his regrets and in hindsight wishes he’d taken time to confront the hard parts of losing Melanie before he and Terese embarked on their marriage.

Later, Terese reflects that she, too, was guilty of rushing into her relationship with Toadie, instead of doing the work to properly move on from Paul.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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