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Toby tries to silence his brother in Hollyoaks

But will he manage to keep the details of his traumatic childhood away from the Deverauxs?

Martine is horrified to see that Damon has got a copy of The Red Door among Liberty’s belongings – the experimental book written about Toby and Celeste as children. Mitchell thinks they should read it to better understand Toby, but when Toby catches them with it he’s furious and it’s up to desperate Celeste to calm him down.

After realising that some pages from The Red Door book are missing - a book that was written about him - Toby decides to find out who’s got them as him and Celeste are invited to a family meal.

Spotting the missing pages in Mitchell's bag, Toby invites him to meet up in private so that he can explain his side of the story. After summoning him to his flat to “discuss the book”, it seems Toby has other more sinister plans for his brother. And things get tense when Mitchell brings up Dr. Ley.

Overhearing an argument between Celeste and Toby, Felix wants to know what Toby’s done and Toby is later left like a rabbit in the headlights when Felix reveals that Celeste told him everything.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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