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Tom plays the victim as he turns the tables on Belle in Emmerdale

But will people believe Tom's narrative?


Last week, things came to a head for Tom and Belle when he was physically abusive to her and she said it was all over, urging him to get help for his behaviour. However, when Belle explained the marriage was over, Tom urged her to let him have a second chance promising to seek help.

This week, Belle forces Tom to address the elephant in the room and is hopeful when he agrees to get help. But during his doctors’ appointment with Liam, Tom manipulatively throws Belle under the bus.

He tells him that Belle is the one with the problems, implying she has behaviour issues and is exerting coercive control over him.

Meanwhile, Mandy and Lydia are worried about Belle as she is not been herself and has not been replying to their calls or texts.

Later during dinner, Tom puts on a show in front of the Dingles. Unaware he’s lying to her, Belle’s delighted to hear that Tom’s appointment with Liam went well.

When the anniversary of Lisa's death arrives, Tom controls the day by engineering that she waits in for a parcel for him, rather than join Lydia and Sam in a memory picnic for Lisa.

Meanwhile at work, Vanessa and Rhona prepare for Tom’s performance review but he's angered to realise he’s about to receive some criticism and it’s clear he doesn’t handle the review well.

After Tom learns Belle didn’t wait in for his parcel after all, his fury boils over and Belle sees red when Tom turns the tables and blames her for ruining the day and makes some harsh comments about her mother.

Finally snapping, Belle pushes Tom over as the villagers watch on in disbelief. Has Belle’s public reaction helped sell Tom’s narrative that Belle is the one with the problems?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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