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As Hazel is hospitalised, Jamie isn't dead and Millie goes missing!

When Hazel and Mille don't turn up, a frustrated Kim is shocked to discover that Hazel has been in an accident.

At the hospital, Kim’s shocked when Hazel tells her she was pushed down the stairs by Jamie who Kim believed to be dead.

Hazel is left scared when Kim insists she tells her exactly what he’s been up to. As Hazel fills her in on the details of her time with Jamie, Kim's hard-faced as she wastes no time in calling the police to report him for attempted murder. Millie’s scared and confused upon seeing Kim. Determined to keep her safe from now on, Kim seethes with anger at what has happened.

Later, Millie’s shy as she arrives at Home Farm with Kim and Dawn, Will and Gabby struggle to get their heads around the news that Jamie is still alive.

Left alone, the years of hurt and betrayal from Jamie boil to the surface as a weeping Kim smashes up the Home Farm living room.

The next day, the police show Kim definitive proof that Jamie is alive and after overhearing Kim talk about her dad, a confused and upset Millie reacts badly and runs away.

Petrified, Kim is anxious when Harriet informs her they’ve not found Millie.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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