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Trish clashes with Maxine in Hollyoaks and gives Fergus an ultimatum

But with his own issues to sort, how far is Fergus willing to go?

As Warren prepares to bid farewell to the village, after one final job with business partner Fergus, a broken-hearted Maxine isn’t ready to let him go and spends her time texting him instead of helping Trish with Blackpoolapalooza.

When Trish asks Fergus to help her talk to Maxine, he snaps at her to solve her own problems whilst he sorts out his own.

Taking his advice, Trish confronts Maxine about not helping her and offers her a proposition she can’t refuse.

Later, whilst Fergus and Warren are in the midst of their final job in the village, they receive an anonymous warning. But who is it from? Certain he knows who the culprit is, Warren confronts former friend Felix, who reminds him that he’ll do anything to protect his family.

After their drug operation was sabotaged, Warren has a difficult decision to make, as Fergus amps up the pressure and asks him to seek murderous revenge.

Standing up to a bully, Maxine berates Trish after she calls Leah a ‘waste of space’ and instead of sulking, Maxine throws herself into coaching Leah to win Blackpoolapalooza.

Meanwhile, it’s a race against time as a hacker tries to crack open Fergus’ bluebird operation and take him down. But will they be successful?

When the day of Blackpoolapalooza arrives, the stress of going against Trish’s plans gets to Leah and it later becomes clear why the competition is so important to Trish. But will Leah be able to go through with Maxine’s new moves or will she stick to Trish’s strict routine?

A fallout between Trish and Maxine results in Maxine being kicked out of the flat and Trish gives Fergus an ultimatum, find the money for Mexico or find a new fiancé.

Later, Trish reminds Fergus that he has to get her out of Hollyoaks, no matter the cost. But would she feel the same if she found out what the cost was?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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