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Trish confides in Scott after Leah drama in Hollyoaks

But can Ste forgive her?

Ste babysits Leah and as she practices for her dance competition, she falls and injures her foot. With Leah’s ankle fractured, Sid signs her up for the assassins game.

Ignoring advice from Peri, Leah doesn’t tell Trish about her foot and instead commits to still being able to dance in the competition. But when Leah fumbles the dance routine, Trish hatches a plan to leave her behind.

Encouraging Leah to take a break from dancing to catch her assassins target, Trish claims she spotted her target in the woods. So whilst Leah goes on her mission, the team leave without her.

After a text from Scott doesn’t add up, Sid realises that Leah is missing, but will she be found? And Trish is in hot water for not looking after Leah but manages to spin things in her favour.

Scott and Sid realise that they’ve been told two different stories by Trish. After telling Ste that Trish sent Leah into the woods, Ste lashes out at Trish for letting her ego get in the way of looking after the children in her care.

However, Trish confides in Scott about why the competition is so important to her.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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