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Trish wants to open a dance school in Hollyoaks - but has to prove herself to Marnie first

Will she choose Trish or Cher to occupy the space inside Salon De Thé?

As Trish continues to ask Maxine for money, Verity thinks they need to find her a job and Maxine strikes gold when she suggests her mum should open ‘Trish Minniver’s School of Dance’.

When the new banner for the school arrives, Maxine and Trish celebrate - only it's clear that Trish left her last dance school under a cloud. Offering to fund the project, they're both unaware of Brad’s sinister intentions.

With Trish wanting a venue by the end of the day, Maxine spots an an advert at Salon De Thé for space available to rent, but Marnie is too busy helping Nancy and shoos her away!

However, they're not the only ones eyeing up the space as Romeo suggests to Cher that they should start their own business. When Cher reveals that she’d like to run her own hair salon, Romeo asks Marnie if they can start a pop up in her Salon De Thé.

When Maxine returns to pitch her idea, Marnie decides to put Trish’s dance school and Cher’s salon up against each other! As the go head to head, Trish can’t help but insult Marnie’s dance skills at her taster session and Cher is sure that she’s going to win.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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