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Vicky left in critical condition following campsite party in Hollyoaks

Will she survive? And can Ste forgive Leah for taking drugs?

At school, when talk turns to what the students have planned for the future, DeMarcus looks down and later opens up to Charlie about his worries about Vicky moving on.

When DeMarcus tells Vicky he could move to Margate with her, she’s not sure. Deciding to throw the best party ever, before Vicky leaves, Charlie convinces them to go camping in the woods tomorrow.

As the teens, Charlie, Ella, Shing Lin, Vicky, DeMarcus and Leah, prepare for their camping trip, they start with getting alcohol and lying to their parents about where they’re going. However, when Darren doesn't buy it that Charlie is sick, he manages to convince his dad to let him go camping.

When Leah notices condoms in her bag, Vicky is embarrassed, which leads to an awkward conversation between her and DeMarcus. But are the teens ready to take the next step in their relationship?

And when the bus is cancelled, Leah decides to steal her dad’s cleaning van instead, as Shing Lin offers to drive.

After they’re all set up, two older boys stumble upon the campsite and ask to join the party, offering weed in return for alcohol. And Leah convinces the group to let them stay.

When Nancy finds out the truth, she wants to interrupt the party and take Charlie home but Darren convinces her to let him have fun and tries to distract her with some alone time.

However, it's not long before disaster strikes at the campsite as the party gets out of control and Vicky collapses. And Scott, Ste and Felix, start to realise their children are missing.

As the teens try to wake an unconscious Vicky up, Darren realises something is wrong after noticing his missed calls.

After Vicky is rushed to the hospital in a critical condition, back in the village, emotions are high as the parents try to figure out what happened at the campsite.

When Leah admits to taking weed off strangers, Ste is heartbroken and screams at her in a fit of rage. And with Darren and Nancy at a loss over what they should do with their “troubled” son, Nancy blames Darren for letting him go camping in the first place.

Meanwhile, Zara and Cindy interrogate Shing Lin and Ella who try to convince them that they left when they realised the boys had drugs.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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