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Victor sends Juliet back to the Nightingales as part of his next plan in Hollyoaks

But is now the right time? And what about her feelings for Peri?

Love-struck after her kiss with Peri, Juliet leaves her an awkward voicemail to arrange meeting for lunch and lifts £50 from the drug money her and Sid made last night to buy a new dress.

With Leela and Jordan still sneaking around, he asks her to go on holiday with him and is interrupted by Sid who gives him the cash that he and Juliet made, unaware that it's short. When he later finds out from Juliet that she borrowed some money, Sid pales and wonders what Victor will do when he finds out.

Telling Sid that she deserves to be higher up the ladder with Victor, Sid guesses that Juliet is just trying to distract herself from thinking about Peri. Unable to control her emotions anymore, Juliet confesses her feelings to Peri.

When Victor finds Juliet in the village, he can see she’s ambitious but warns her that she needs to stay under the radar for this to work. He encourages her to go home to the Nightingale’s, a respectable, middle-class family.

With Romeo and Marnie surprised to see her, Juliet tells them about having feelings for Peri and asks if she can come home. What will their reaction be?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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