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Warren has a big decision to make in Hollyoaks after Ella is outed as his daughter

But is she? And does he want to be part of her life?

With Cindy out of the hospital and wanting to make up to Ella, she suggests a sweet sixteenth birthday party. Wanting to help, Dave proposes they use The Loft and offers to speak to Shing Lin to smooth things over between the two teens.

After Norma gives Mercedes a drop-off job that requires Warren as protection, they're both surprised to discover that the box actually contains hair curlers. Once confronted by Warren over the fake job, Norma confesses it was to keep him out of the way while Terry Smart was around.

After Norma claims that the closer they get, the more she feels the absence of Katie, she suggests they go into a legitimate business together and soon, Ethan and Sienna are taken aback when Norma and Warren inform them that, with Grace in prison, they’ll be their new business partners. With Siena's backing, Ella's party is cancelled.

Upset to hear the party is no longer on, Ella lashes out at Warren but refuses to tell him what her real issue is.

Determined to find out the truth, Norma puts the sweet sixteenth party back on at The Loft, telling Warren it’s good for their image.

However, feeling like she’s gone behind his back, Warren tells her that he wants no more secrets.

Meanwhile, a hurt Shing Lin takes to the microphone. But what does she want to say?

Later, worried that Ella might cause trouble for the family, Sienna tells Warren that Mandy not telling him probably meant she doesn’t want him involved in her daughter’s life. But when Ella walks in on Terry Smart trying to rob the garage, what will she do?

As Warren tries to get answers from Cindy, her head is elsewhere, and he worries that he may end up causing more harm in Ella’s life.

Later at the park, Joel asks his dad when he was going to tell him about Ella. As they both bump into Ella, Warren asks her to come and visit him later on.

As Sienna finds it hard to accept that Warren might have another child, she spends the day with Ethan and they agree not to talk about Rafe or Dilly. But when Sienna nips to the bathroom, Ethan looks at her phone when it goes off only to discover a message from the Earl of Dee.

Wanting Sienna to know she has his support and trust Ethan replies to Rafe on Sienna’s phone arranging for her to meet him knowing she wouldn’t do it after committing to spend the day together.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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