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We Are Lady Parts returning to Channel 4

The hit comedy from Nida Manzoor will return for a second series.

The first series explored the highs and lows of the band, named Lady Parts, as seen through the eyes of Amina Hussain, played by Anjana Vasan, a geeky microbiology PhD student, on the lookout for love.

Amina is recruited to be the bands’ unlikely lead guitarist. Lady Parts’ fierce and enigmatic frontwoman Saira, played by Sarah Kameela Impey, sees something in Amina and uses her desperation to find a husband as leverage, offering to set her up with potential matches if she agreed to join the band.

Amina soon gets swept up in their joyful, anarchic energy and punk spirit. But she’s caught between two different worlds – her more strait-laced uni friends and the band, who urge her to find her voice.

Series one ended with the band reuniting on stage, following an exposing interview, for a kick-ass performance.

With the support of her fellow band members, Amina manages to overcome her vomit-inducing stage fright and takes her place on centre stage, where she belongs - much to the delight of their newly found adoring fans!

We Are Lady Parts has received critical acclaim since it launched earlier this year ad Channel 4's Head of Comedy, Fiona McDermott, said "We Are Lady Parts is the rallying cry from a fearlessly funny, contemporary and dial-shifting comedy that felt uniquely Channel 4 at its heart. The show deftly took big ideas around identity, representation, gender and creativity and wrapped them up in a truly original and hilarious show full of love, romance and sisterly power."

"From one of the most inventive and ambitious writer-directors around, we’re so delighted to be working with Nida, the exceptional cast and team at Working Title Television, NBCUniversal International Studios and our brilliant partners at Peacock to bring this back again."

Writer, Creator and Director, Nida Manzoor, said "I feel so incredibly lucky and excited to have the opportunity to make a second series of We Are Lady Parts. I can’t wait to delve back into the world of the band and go deeper into their lives. Expect more high jinks, more music, and more flights of fancy. SPARTA!"

Executive Producer for Working Title Television, Surian Fletcher-Jones, added "I’m so proud of We Are Lady Parts – for its wit, its inventiveness and its representation – and I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re getting to make another season. Nida has got so much to say about contemporary life, and she’s found the perfect vehicle with this show to express her unique and inspiring worldview. I can’t wait to share Nida’s vision for season two."

We Are Lady Parts will return to Channel 4


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