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Wedding day chaos in Emmerdale after Charity and Mack are arrested and Chloe goes into labour

Will they get married? Or will Mack choose Chloe over Charity?

When Moira shows her a slideshow of pictures of Mackenzie, Charity has a lightbulb moment after spotting a reference to the A-Team. But it’s not long before the pair are bickering and Charity pushes Moira into a haystack!

As Moira starts scrambling around for the rings, Charity's paranoia gets the better of her and she accuses Moira of deliberately sabotaging the wedding.

The next day, Moira hands over the rings to a thrilled Charity and Mackenzie can't believe his eyes when Moira also reveals the gift Charity wanted to get him, a replica A-Team van!

Later, on a country road, Mackenzie and Charity, dressed in fancy dress, park up in an A-Team van and as things start to heat up, they're caught by PC Swirling who tells them that the van has been involved in a robbery and he has no choice but to arrest them!

Having spent a while in the cells, Swirling tells them to get comfy as they won’t be leaving anytime soon. Raging, Charity thinks Moira’s set them up.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Chloe settle down for a pamper night but Chloe’s waters break and she readies herself to meet her baby.

In the hospital, Chloe grimaces through a contraction but urges Sarah to leave and get ready for the wedding.

The next day, as preparations begin for their wedding, Mack and Charity remain helpless in their cells. Unsure if the wedding can proceed, Charity pleads with PC Swirling but her efforts remain fruitless.

When they're eventually released from prison, Charity and Mackenzie are surprised and both heartbroken when they realise that it’s too late to get married. As Mack pleads with Cain over the phone to stall Charles, both he and Charity are thrown to see the A-team van roar into view with PC Swirling behind the wheel.

Finally, the A-Team van arrives outside the Church just in time and Charles agrees to marry Mack and Charity in their costumes. When Sarah tells them that Chloe’s in labour, Mackenzie disappears with something ‘urgent’ to do.

Over in the hospital, Chloe demands her phone so she can send a message to a mystery person and over at the Church, Charity fears the worst.

Finding Mack with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Nate urges him to hurry up. Reading a message on his phone, Mack considers for a moment before he exits on a mission.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, as Chloe finds herself in pain, in the depths of labour, the door opens and Chloe is emotional and relieved to see a mystery visitor enter the room.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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