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Wendy accuses Bob of having an affair with Bernice in Emmerdale

But has Bernice worked out what's really going on?

When Bernice confirms that a harpist she clearly fancies will be their act for the opening night of the B&B, Bob is deflated and Cathy has a frustrated outburst and is outraged when Bob suggests she stay elsewhere for the opening of the B&B.

The next day, Cathy accidentally destroys the cake Marlon has just brought over and feeling humiliated, flees in tears.

As Bernice tries to calm Cathy, she gives her an amethyst pendant to help with her stress and Bob’s left utterly frazzled by the turn of events.

When Cathy attempts to apologise to Bob, she loses her temper when he admits he’d rather she kept away from the B&B and reaching boiling point, stamps on the amethyst pendant, crushing it. Descending into confused tears, Cathy just can’t understand why she’s feeling like this.

As the day of the B&B’s grand re-opening arrives, Bernice awakes blissfully in the B&B bedroom after a night with Tim the harpist. But when she realises she’s seriously overslept, she’s panicked into action and an unkempt Bernice covers for her absence with an exasperated Bob.

That afternoon, in the B&B, as Bob and Bernice anxiously await their first customers, a defensive Bernice covers for Tim the harpist’s no-show. As the guests for the re-opening arrive, Bernice revels in her role as hostess. But she’s floored when Bob tells her that he’s found Tim the harpist dead.

Later, Wendy mishears a conversation between Bob and Bernice and believes the two have slept together, leaving her utterly devastated by the news.

Knocking on Wendy's door, Bob is horrified when she accuses him of having an affair with Bernice and dumps ice-cold water all over him from an upstairs window!

When a soaking wet Bob arrives at the B&B, Bernice is outraged by the accusation of having an affair with Bob but believes Wendy might be going through the menopause and is quick to form a plan to intervene as a worried-looking Cathy turns up to speak to Bob.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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