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Wendy blackmailed by ex-husband Russ in Emmerdale

How far will Wendy go to protect Victoria?

Wendy is shaken to find Russ on her doorstep. Angry that his mother has left everything to Victoria's baby, he demands they talk.

As Bob looks forward to an evening with Wendy, it's clear that she's anxious about Russ and we soon discover he’s her abusive ex-husband with a criminal past. Demanding she get his inheritance back, Russ tells Wendy that he's going nowhere until she does.

Feeling bullied and conflicted, Wendy introduces Russ to Victoria as Harry’s granddad. Surprised, Victoria is talked around and we can see that Wendy has been coerced into accepting Russ’s demands.

When Russ claims he wants to be a part of Victoria and Harry’s life, a wretched Wendy backs him up and covertly begs Russ to stay away from Victoria, promising she’ll get him the money if he gives her some time.

Insisting he doesn’t have time, Russ says if he doesn’t receive the cash now, he’ll make sure that she and Vic face the consequences.

Wendy’s guilty as an oblivious Vic and Bob try to make the best of Russ’ presence in the village. And as Russ continues to play the doting granddad at the Playground, whilst laying it on thick about his penury to Vic, will Wendy solve this frightening situation?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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