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WHAT TO WATCH 14-20 August

This week’s best telly includes some great cooking across the BBC, some great comedy across the BBC and the return of some very famous dragons.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. Nadiya's British Food Adventure

Monday 14th August at 8:30pm on BBC Two

As Nadiya's British Food Adventure continues, Nadiya returns to Yorkshire, where she lived for ten years and started her family.

Beginning with a twist on a savoury classic, Nadiya makes crispy Yorkshire puddings that she serves with homemade no-cook jam and custard.

She then to the beaches of Bridlington, where she meets one of the last remaining shorefisherman who’s keeping the ancient tradition alive. Using last night’s catch, she adds a touch of the Mediterranean and cooks a simple yet flavourful baked sea trout with sun-dried tomatoes and lemons.

Next up she heads inland to Halifax and meets a Syrian refugee who felt so homesick for the flavours of home that she started making her own halloumi here in England. Most halloumi is made from sheep or goats milk but this special version uses the wonderful local milk from Yorkshire cows.

Nadiya treats her hosts by making some simple but delicious watermelon and halloumi skewers with a sweet tamarind dip.

Her final recipe is a nostalgic sweet creation that she has devised to make the most of the famous Yorkshire forced rhubarb from the rhubarb triangle. She makes easy rhubarb-ripple ice cream sandwiched between custard flavoured biscuits, which she then enjoys with her brother and sister.


2. People Just Do Nothing

Tuesday 15th August from 10am on BBC Three

This week sees the return of BAFTA-winning People Just Do Nothing for its fourth series. The crew of west London pirate radio station Kurupt FM; MC Grindah, DJ Beats and Chabuddy G are back, playing the finest UK garage and Drum 'N' Bass to their 100 strong listenership.

In the first episode, Grindah (Allan Mustafa) and Steves’ (Steve Stamp) nonstop bender starts to grate on the rest of Kurupt FM.

Miche (Lily Brazier) is thriving and sets her sights on a modeling career for her and Angel (Olivia Jasmine Edwards) so she arranges a photoshoot.

Elsewhere, Chabuddy (Asim Chaudhry) takes Beats (Hugo Chegwin) shopping for baby stuff in the hopes of finding himself a MILF. And Tensions at the station reach breaking point when a rival radio station is discovered and the boys try to prevent Grindah spiraling out of control.


3. The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Tuesday 15th August at 8pm on BBC Two

This week sees the start of The Big Family Cooking Showdown. BBC Two's new competitive food show hosted by Zoe Ball and Nadiya Hussain that sees sixteen families will welcome Nadiya, Zoe and judges Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager into their own kitchens to whip up dishes using their favourite family recipes.

In each heat, two family teams go head to head to impress the judges, Michelin starred chef Giorgio Locatelli and renowned cookery teacher Rosemary Shrager, as they are tasked with a series of challenges both in the studio and their own homes.

Looking for cooks that make ordinary food extraordinary, the judges will taste a variety of dishes that create the heart within each of their homes and bring generations together, before deciding which families make it through to the semi-finals.

In the opening episode we meet the Marks family from west London, hoping to impress with their Scandinavian-inspired dishes. Eighty six year-old grandmother, former model and fashion designer Torun was born in Sweden and came to the UK when she was 30 years old. Her daughter Jessica (55) is a nutritional therapist and mother of three children, including her eldest Oskar (29), who works at an independent record company.

The Marks family enjoy cooking Swedish dishes that Torun has passed down to her family, but Oskar tends to adapt the recipes using more exotic ingredients. Toren has a lust for life and rules the roost in the Marks kitchen - but will her age-old family recipe for Swedish meatballs hit the mark?

Facing them are the Charles family from Bridlington in Yorkshire, who take food inspiration from their travels across Europe and Asia to come up with new and exciting dishes. Betty (29) met her husband Dan (32) 12 years ago and they married in 2015 after Dan proposed to Betty while on holiday in Rome. Her mother Jean (59) often lends a hand in the kitchen and completes their team. Betty’s the boss in the Charles family - but will her decision to serve up a risotto to Italian chef Giorgio pay off?


4. Celebrity MasterChef

Wednesday 16th August at 8pm & Friday 18th August at 8:30pm on BBC One

Celebrity MasterChef is back this week and the first batch of celebrities undertaking three tough challenges are comedian and actor Jim Moir, TV presenter Angellica Bell, seven-time snooker world champion Stephen Hendry, presenter Julia Somerville and tennis legend Henri Leconte.

The first challenge is the Mystery Box. The contestants must use the ingredients in the box, which include lamb loin, goat's cheese, butternut squash and rhubarb, as well as a basic larder, to create one dish.

The celebrities are then split into two groups to take on the challenge of cooking for the first time in a restaurant kitchen, preparing dishes for paying customers. Jim, Stephen and Henri head to Aster, which is heavily influenced by Nordic and French cuisine, while Angellica and Julia are sent to Temper.

In the final test, the contestants are asked to prepare a two-course menu of their own design in just one hour. The celebrities work furiously in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test one of them will be going home.

On Friday, the four remaining celebrities face three more challenges.

1 & 2/12

5. Quacks

Tuesday 15th August at 10pm on BBC Two

New BBC Two comedy Quacks is set in Victorian London and is about four pioneering friends and rivals fighting to make a mark on the world.

The series stars Rory Kinnear as Robert, a domineering, showman surgeon. A rockstar of his age, he's almost as brilliant as he thinks he is, who can pack out an operating theatre and take off a leg in 92 seconds.

But after botching an amputation, Robert comes under scrutiny from the Royal Physican, Dr Hendrick played by Rupert Everett. So John, (Tom Basden), a drug-addled dentist who’s trying to create the world’s first anaesthetic convinces Robert to use potentially lethal ether in a prestigious and pioneering operation.

Meanwhile, Robert's headstrong wife Caroline (Lydia Leonard), finds herself frustrated with her lot as a housewife and seeks help from Robert’s friend William, played by Mathew Baynton.

He's a kind but anxious alienist (an early psychiatrist) who understands her better than her own husband does. He wants to help her with phrenology treatment, but that involves touching her on an intimate area - her head.

The lines are blurred when it becomes clear Caroline wants more than just psychiatry from William, and he finds himself torn between being a friend to Robert and a doctor to Caroline.


6. Dragon's Den

Sunday 20th August at 8pm on BBC Two

Dragons' Den returns for its 15th series with two new multi-millionaires entering the fray; supplement supremo Tej Lalvani and cashpoint queen Jenny Campbell. They'll join serial investor Deborah Meaden, technology titan Peter Jones and fashion retail tycoon Touker Suleyman.

This series, the Dragons face 102 investment hopefuls, with 26 securing that all important cash injection - the most in the show’s history.

In the opening episode, two entrepreneurs, consumed by nerves, hope that their allergy-friendly food range will hit the spot for the Dragons, whilst another hopes his company valuation won’t have the Dragons applying the brakes to his high-security bike shelters.

The Dragons also meet a former footballer who hopes that his five-a-side astroturf pitches for schools and youth centres will score an investment from the Dragons, despite his figures not quite matching up. Finally, a duo with a voucher code website they think will revolutionise online shopping are hoping to walk away with some Dragon cash.


7. The State

Sunday 20th August at 9pm on Channel 4

Channel 4’s powerful new drama The State, explores and confronts one of the most important issues of our time.

Airing over four consecutive nights, the powerful new drama from renowned writer/director Peter Kosminsky is based on extensive research and first-hand accounts, The State follows four young British men and women who have left their lives behind to join Isis in Raqqah, Syria in 2015.

Jalal is following in his older brother’s footsteps in deciding to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, and has persuaded his best friend Ziyaad to accompany him. Single mother Shakira arrives in Syria with her nine-year-old son Isaac, determined to bring her skills as a junior doctor to the aid of the Islamic State; and teenager Ushna has left her family behind to fulfil what she sees as her religious duty after being radicalised on the internet.

As they experience more of the realities of life in Raqqah, witnessing horrific atrocities carried out by the regime and the bloody aftermath of air strikes, their journeys diverge – into disillusionment and despair on the one hand and increasing commitment to the Caliphate on the other.

The first episode sees the five crossing into Syria under cover of darkness. Separated at the border, they are driven to Raqqah, the de facto capital of the 'caliphate' proclaimed by Isis.

Jalal and Ziyaad enjoy the male camaraderie as they are trained and equipped for battle, while Shakira and Ushna are taught the strict rules women must obey. They take oaths of allegiance to Isis, convinced they've made the right decision to come, but are soon confronted by the harsh realities of life under Isis which don't match their expectations.



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