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WHAT TO WATCH 25-31 March

This week's best telly includes more Fleabag, more Derry Girls and the highly anticipated return of Line of Duty.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Fleabag

Monday 25th March from 10am on BBC Three and 10:35pm on BBC One

Episode one was a masterpiece, episode two was superb, episode three was yet another masterpiece so it's safe to say that expectations are high for the latest episode of Fleabag.

This week, the priest takes Fleabag for some quiet reflection, leading to an unexpected revelation.

And after a day spent looking back on painful memories, Fleabag searches for solace, only to find more trouble.

4/6 (Episodes 1-3 available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

2. This Time with Alan Partridge

Monday 25th March at 9:30pm on BBC One

This week on This Time, the programme is focussed on the delicate issue of the #MeToo movement.

But with Alan Partridge hosting, what could possibly go wrong? Not to mention a special live performance by Alan’s very own mixed vocal harmony group, The Quavers.

Guest stars Ellie White.

5/6 (Episodes 1-4 available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

3. The Bay

Wednesday 27th March at 9pm on ITV

Last week's series opener deserved higher ratings than it got, but perhaps once people have caught up, word will spread about how much promise ITV's new drama The Bay has.

This week, Lisa is tasked with finding his alibi and makes a game-changing discovery. But with the Meredith family reeling from Dylan’s death and Sean’s arrest, suspicions are raised about another Morecambe resident’s involvement with the twins and the police rush to find them.

Abbie grows closer to newcomer Vincent, whilst Rob agrees to take on a risky dare. Frustrated by the police investigation, Sean takes matters into his own hands.

2/6 (Episode 1 available to watch on ITV Hub)

4. Derry Girls

Tuesday 26th March at 9:15pm on Channel 4

The second series of Derry Girls has proved to be another huge ratings hit and this week the Quinn family cause uproar at a family wedding.

When the girls and James fail to behave themselves at the reception the consequences are very serious indeed. Especially for poor cousin Eammon, played by guest star Ardal O'Hanlon.

4/6 (Episodes 1-3 available to watch on All4)

5. Famalam

Sunday 31st March from 10am on BBC Three

With BAFTA and RTS award nominations and strong viewing figures, Famalam has proved that sketch shows can still work so it's no surprise that the series is back for another run.

The series starring Samson Kayo, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Tom Moutchi, Roxy Sternberg, Vivienne Acheampong and John MacMillan returns with four brand new episodes as we find out if All Lives Matter, catch up with the ever-thwarted Nigerian philanthropist Prince Alyusi, and discover what happens when you express your real feelings about Beyoncé.

Also during the series there's some Black Oscar History with garage MC Scribbler P, Detective Mountree solves more crime with a new Chinese partner and the E19 Posse and the Stratford Soldiers trade insults over a drill track.

1-4/4 (Pilot, Series 1 and Comic Relief Turf Wars sketch available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

6. Line of Duty

Sunday 31st March at 9pm on BBC One

From the makers of... Line of Duty, comes the series five of Line of Duty. Will we find out who 'H' is? Will Balaclava Man finally be uncovered? And who will die? We have six weeks to find out, but with a sixth series already commissioned, we might still be left with some loose ends at the end.

Stephen Graham is this series' big name guest star and plays John Corbett, the ruthless leader of an Organised Crime Group (OCG), who hijack a seized drugs transport. In the opening episode, three police officers are shot dead during the hijack of a seized drugs transport and AC-12 move in to investigate possible police collusion.

Adrian Dunbar returns as Superintendent Ted Hastings, Vicky McClure is back to play Detective Inspector Kate Fleming and Martin Compston returns as Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott. Together they suspect corrupt police officers of leaking information. As the body count rises, AC-12 realise they’re facing their most vicious adversary yet.

Read my interview with the stars of Line of Duty on Tuesday.

1/6 (Series 1-4 available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

7. Race Across the World

Sunday 31st March at 8pm on BBC Two

I was worried that the penultimate leg of Race Across the World would be going up against the launch of the latest series of Line of Duty, but luckily the BBC have decided to bring the series forward an hour so that viewers can enjoy both.

If like me, this series has passed you by then in a nutshell, five (now four) pairs are tasked with getting to Singapore without taking a single flight and must pass through five checkpoints to reach their final destination.

This week's episode sees the four remaining pairs head through the dense forests and bustling metropolises of Cambodia and Vietnam to reach Koh Rong, the final checkpoint before Singapore. But who will be in the best position to reach the final checkpoint? You'll have to watch to find out...

5/6 (Episodes 1-4 available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

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