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WHAT TO WATCH 25 September - 1 October

This week’s best telly includes more Liar, more Doctor Foster and the return of a much-loved Love Island couple.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. Liar

Monday 25th September at 9pm on ITV

Who do you believe? Him or her? What really happened that night? These are all questions that I've tried to answer in my head, but every time I do, the answer is different.

The only answer we can agree on is "I don't know". There is still a lot that we don't know and there's a strong possibility that whatever happened that night, someone else was involved. Perhaps someone we're yet to meet.

This week, Laura’s worst fears come to pass and her hidden past is exposed. But she must fight to put her personal struggles aside for the sake of one of her pupils, whose physical distress throws her unexpectedly at the mercy of Andrew Earlham.

She is not the only one whose professional mettle is put to the test, as Vanessa finds her resolve shaken after an unsettling encounter with Andrew.


2. Doctor Foster

Tuesday 26th September at 9pm on BBC One

At the end of last week's episode (which felt like the series finale), it seemed as though Simon had won. With Tom wanting to get far away from Parminster, Gemma agreed to leave with him.

Of course with two episodes left, is Simon right to feel confident that he’s beaten Gemma? But can Kate really trust him?


3. The Pact

Wednesday 27th September at 10pm on BBC Two

The last of BBC Two's comedy pilots, The Pact is about two teenage friends who (as the title would suggest) make a pact. If they’re both still single when they're 35, they’ll marry each other.

Amy doesn’t think it’ll ever happen. Andy, who’s secretly in love with Amy, desperately hopes that it will.

Twenty years later, Amy (Sarah Solemani - Him & Her, Bridget Jones’ Baby) and Andy (Brett Goldstein - Superbob, Derek) have drifted apart. Andy is divorced with a four year-old son, but in a new relationship with a woman named Kelly.

Amy, meanwhile, has managed to avoid growing up entirely. She lives in a flat-share, works behind a bar, and her relationships never seem to go beyond drunken one night stands.

When Andy and Amy bump into each other again, it’s life-changing for both of them. Face to face with their pasts, they're forced to reconsider their futures. Is it time for Amy to take responsibility for her life?

Should Andy throw caution to the wind and pursue his childhood crush? Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than that.


4. The Last Leg

Friday 29th September at 10pm on Channel 4

Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker return this week with a twelfth series of The Last Leg.

The Last Leg is one of the most under-rated series on television that consistently sheds light on the most significant moments of the last seven days in its own unique way.

Joining Adam, Josh and Alex this week will be national treasure Joanna Lumley and stand-up comic Russell Howard.

5. Overshadowed

Sunday 1st October from 10am on BBC Three

Based on Eva O’Connor’s award-winning play, BBC Three’s brand new short-form drama series Overshadowed tells the story of a young Irish vlogger called Imogene whose life spirals out of control when she meets the monster of anorexia personified.

With the arrival of her new camera, Imo challenges herself to documenting her life, starting with her new health kick. But there’s something strange going on in Imo’s footage.

All 8 ten-minute episodes will land at once on BBC Three and on YouTube. Look out for my interview with Michelle Fox who plays Imogene later this week.


6. The Last Post

Sunday 1st October at 9pm on BBC One

Set in the swinging sixties, The Last Post stars Jessie Buckley, Jessica Raine‎, Amanda Drew, Ben Miles and Stephen Campbell Moore alongside newcomer Jeremy Neumark-Jones.

Written by BAFTA winner Peter Moffat, The Last Post is based on childhood memories, his father’s career as an officer in the Royal Military Police and his mother’s struggle between being what the army required her to be and what she felt like being.

The Last Post is a close up view of army life set in the heat, glamour and extreme danger of Aden in the 1960s.

Set in the shimmering heat of Aden (Yemen), the drama centres on a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families. Their job is two-fold: half soldiers and half policemen who face constant insurgency and threat. Danger is everywhere. Hand grenades, mines and sniper attacks are a constant threat.


7. Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island

Sunday 1st October at 9pm on ITV2

If there’s one TV show that dominated this Summer, it was Love Island. Since it ended, life hasn’t been the same. Yes you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, but it’s not the same.

But it’s OK because the nation’s favourite couple from the show, not winners Kem and Amber, but Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay are back with a new two-parter on ITV2.

Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island will follow the two lads as they embrace life outside of the villa and set out on a musical journey of discovery, exploring the world of rap, grime and hip-hop.

Having already achieved their dreams of finding love, it’s time to turn their attention to their next affection as they hit the streets to meet the great and good of the rap music scene. Of course there’ll be special appearances from some of their Love Island counterparts along the way.

As they build to their first ever live performance, will they be able to pull off performing to a sell-out crowd?



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