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WHAT TO WATCH 9-15 January

This week on telly there’s some great new comedy and entertainment as well as two great dramas, Tina And Bobby and Sherlock.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. The Great Indoors

Monday 9th January, 9pm on ITV2

The Great Indoors stars Joel McHale and Stephen Fry and is a comedy about a renowned adventure reporter for an outdoor magazine who must adapt to the times when he becomes the desk-bound boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of the publication.

Jack (Joel McHale) has led a thrilling “outdoorsy” life exploring the edges of the earth while chronicling his adventures for Outdoor Limits. But his globe-trotting days end when the magazine’s charismatic founder and outdoor legend, Roland (Stephen Fry) announces the publication’s move to web-only and assigns Jack to supervise their online team of “journalists.”

Jack’s eager 20-something colleagues include Clark, a tech nerd who knows everything about surviving on Mars and a zombie apocalypse; Emma, their social media expert who views Jack as the human version of dial-up; and Mason, a hipster-lumberjack who hasn’t spent any actual time outside.

Jack reports to Roland’s daughter, Brooke, an ex-flame who caters to the sensitive staffers by giving them all trophies just for working hard. Jack’s best friend, Eddie, runs the local dive bar that’s popular with the younger set and helps Jack “decode” his co-workers.

Jack is baffled by the world of click-bait and listicles, but if he’s patient, he may be able to show these kids that the outside world is much more than something on a screen…if he doesn’t beat them with their selfie-sticks first.


2. Insert Name Here

Monday 9th January, 10pm on BBC Two

Following a superb Christmas special, Insert Name Here is back for five brand new episodes.

In case the first series passed you by, Insert Name Here is a comedy panel show hosted by Sue Perkins, all about famous people, past and present, who have just one thing in common - they share the same name.

Sue invites two teams, headed up by captains Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe, to battle it out, answering questions and competing to earn the right to decide the greatest ever bearer of that week's name. Cue lots of comic banter, funny facts and unusual stats, as the as the two teams vie to outdo the other.

The guests for this week’s episode are Danny Baker, Gabby Logan, Adil Ray and Kate Williams.


3. The Chris Ramsey Show

Wednesday 11th January, 10pm on Comedy Central

Chris Ramsey has finally been given his new show and it’s imaginatively titled The Chris Ramsey Show. Described as a unique and high-energy celebrity chat and game show, the show sees Chris welcome viewers to his “man cave” where he’s joined by two of his funniest celebrity mates.

Throughout the series, these celebrity mates include Jimmy Carr, Joel Dommett, Joey Essex, Tom Rosenthal and Sara Pascoe.

Each week, the guests will chat and compete against each other in a series of physical feats and Ramsey Challenges before trying to outdo each other in Gamewreckers, where they’ll play classic computer games while Chris does his best to distract them with wrestlers, electrocution bracelets and a paddle-whipping dominatrix.

He will also enlist the help of a celebrity guest each episode to try and complete a series of outrageously difficult challenges on train from London to Newcastle. Jamie Laing, Ashley Roberts, Vicky Pattisson and Ferne McCann will each help Chris in a weekly endeavor, including setting up a speed-dating session with commuters, playing a 5-a-side football match in the aisles and cooking a slap-up dinner with limited resources.


4. Chewing Gum

Thursday 12th January, 9pm on E4

After what feels like FOREVER, hit E4 comedy Chewing Gum is back for a second series.

At the end of the first series, we saw Tracey and Connor leaving the Pensbourne Estate, dressed only in their pants and walking into the sunset and the unknown. Both had been thrown out of home, Cynthia’s wedding day ended in disaster, Connor lost his job, and their lives were all in a bit of a mess. Things weren’t looking great.

In the opening episode, Tracey’s return to the Pensbourne Estate doesn’t quite go as she would have liked. Best friend Candice isn’t happy to see her and mum Joy won’t let her in. But at least she’s back at work at Deepak’s Delectables.

Tracey discovers ex-boyfriend Connor’s got a new relationship, and ropes Ola into helping her convince Connor she has moved on. Connor meanwhile tells a few lies of his own in order to get Tracey to talk about what actually happened between them.


5. Tina and Bobby

Friday 13th January, 9pm on ITV

Michelle Keegan is back on our screens in brand new ITV drama Tina And Bobby playing original WAG Tina Moore

Tina And Bobby is a new three-part drama which tells the story of the England and West Ham legend Bobby Moore’s life with his childhood sweetheart, Tina Dean.

The three episodes follow them from their humble beginnings to the dizzy heights of superstardom. When England won the World Cup in July 1966 Bobby Moore became a national hero. Swept up by the media frenzy and the nation’s adoration, he and wife Tina were the original ‘golden’ couple.

The drama based on Tina Moore’s memoir, Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best, is an epic love story about an ordinary girl from Essex who fell head over heels in love with an ordinary boy, who just happened to be an extraordinarily talented footballer.


6. Not Going Out

Friday 13th January, 9pm on BBC One

Not Going Out is back, but not as we know it. It’s now a family sitcom!

The eight series fast-forwards seven years and baby Charlie who Lucy gave birth to in the Christmas 2015 special, now has five-year-old twin siblings, Benji and Molly.

How has layabout Lee survived these dramatic life-changes? How do the not-so-new parents find the joy/relentless onslaught of bringing up kids?

In the opening episode, Lee remembers their wedding anniversary, but Lucy forgets. But after seven years of marriage, can Lee and Lucy agree about the best way to keep the romance alive?


7. Sherlock

Sunday 15th January, 9pm on BBC One

There’s always so much secrecy around Sherlock and we know very little about the last episode of series four.

We know it’s called The Final Problem, but does this really mean it’s the final ever episode of Sherlock? Quite possibly. We know the show isn’t afraid to surprise, as it proved when Mary Watson was killed in the first episode of the current series.

What we have been told about the final episode is that long buried secrets will finally catch up with the Baker Street duo. Someone has been playing a very long game indeed and Sherlock and John Watson face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?


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