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Whitney discovers Gray's secret in EastEnders

But will she tell Chelsea the truth?

Gray wants to tell the kids about the pregnancy, but Chelsea isn’t ready yet and later arrives home shocked to find Jack and Kim moving her into Gray’s and that Gray has told the kids about the new baby.

Chelsea is furious Gray moved her in without her knowledge, but she softens as she sees he’s bought her an engagement ring.

Later, Chelsea gets a call from Gray to pick up a sick Mia from school. Whitney appears and congratulates her on the engagement but adds that she hopes she thought it through.

Chelsea promises her that she's happy about the decision and asks Whitney to help her with Mia. As they both look after her, it’s clear Chelsea is not a natural as she struggles when Mia is sick.

Whitney calls Gray’s work to let him know but she’s shocked when she’s told he doesn’t work there anymore!

As Chelsea and Gray discuss childminding, Gray convinces Chelsea to look after Mia today. Listening in, Whitney who now knows Gray’s secret, asks Gray for the money she’s owed and he tells her it should clear by next week.

At the market, Chelsea suggests Mia and her go on a shopping spree using Gray’s credit card. As Whitney watches on, Tiffany advises her to be 100% certain before she confronts Gray over lying about losing his job.

Later, Gray gets a call from Whitney whilst he works at the burger bar and lies about his whereabouts. But she can tell where he is and intercepts Mia and Chelsea as they arrive home shopping. Torn over whether to tell Chelsea the truth about Gray, what will Whitney do?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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