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Whitney left devastated in EastEnders after Zack pulls away from her kiss

Can Sam convince Zack to tell Whitney the truth about his HIV diagnosis?

Over at No.43, Martin and Sharon are counselling Zack about being strong for Whitney as she’s going through physical and emotional turmoil.

When Martin explains how Kush and Shabnam planted a tree to remember their late son, Zaair, Zack is inspired and goes to see Whitney to tell her of his plans.

However, Whitney refuses to attend, until Chelsea's wise words convince her to change her mind. When Whitney does arrive, Zack is pleased and after the ceremony, they stay back to grieve alone.

Full of emotion, Whitney kisses Zack, and he responds before pulling away leaving Whitney devastated. And Zack struggles to find the words to share the news of his HIV diagnosis.

The next day, Chelsea counsels Whitney to talk to Zack about how she feels, but she’s mortified by his rejection.

Meanwhile, Sam accompanies Zack to the clinic and asks some difficult questions on his behalf about when he can have sex and if he and a partner can try to conceive.

Once back in Walford, Sam implores Zack to tell Whitney the truth, and he goes to see her. As they agree to talk about their issues at The Vic, Whitney and Zack have a deep and meaningful conversation and they have a decision to make about the future.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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