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Zack worries about Whitney as the doctor reveals to them Britney's condition in EastEnders

But when she misses a scan, is Whitney putting Britney first?


When Britney has a bike crash, Billy drives her, Whitney and Zack to A&E, where they're shocked to discover that Britney has Type 2 Usher Syndrome. And they're left devastated to hear from the doctor that the condition will lead to sight and hearing impairments.

As Whitney tries to learn more about Britney’s condition, Zack worries that the added stress is too much for her whilst she's pregnant.

When Zack and Whitney send Britney to her first day at school, Zack suggests enrolling her at the GP and telling them about Britney’s condition. Lying, Whitney insists she’s already done it fearing the truth will be exposed.

Later, Whitney tries to persuade Sonia to bypass the checks required to register Britney and is left with no option but to haul Keeley to the GP to sign her up.

When Britney's school call to inform her that her hearing aids aren’t working, Whitney misses a scan, leading to an argument with Zack back at home.

Later, at Sonia's dinner party, Lauren pulls Whitney aside and tells her that she needs to tell Zack the truth, or she will. As Lauren persists, Whitney pleads for a few more days and the pair exchange some tense words in the Minute Mart.

Overhearing, Zack demands answers from Whitney. But when she covers, Zack accepts which leaves Lauren seething.

After Whitney and Lauren find a downtrodden Britney, she tells them she had a run in with bullies on the way to school.

Ignoring Zack's email, Whitney finds the bully in question, but she makes the situation worse when Britney is teased about Whitney’s intervention.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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