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Aaron makes a decision on Amy's behalf in Corrie as part of a new non-consensual sex storyline

How will Amy react when she finds out what happened?

Summer is less than impressed when she discovers that Aaron has been having late night phone conversations with his ex Mia but after confiding in Amy about struggling to trust him, Summer is taken aback when Amy tells her she’s needy and insecure and hits back with a jibe about Jacob.

After finding Amy upset following her row with Summer, Aaron reveals that he's being promoted to mechanic after his probation and is in the mood to celebrate, reminding everyone that it's cocktail night at the bistro.

As Amy and Aaron get ready over a few drinks, the sexual chemistry is evident and they find themselves kissing. Wracked with guilt, Amy pulls away.

At the bistro, Amy struggles as she watches Summer with Aaron and heads home. And as Aaron and Summer snipe at each other, ruining everyone’s evening, he announces he’s going too.

Back at the flat, Amy and Aaron play drinking games, polishing off every drop of alcohol in the flat. As Amy stumbles into the bedroom to find more, she starts to undress, before declaring herself to be too drunk and feeling sick, falls into bed.

As Aaron climbs into bed next to her, he continues to kiss Amy who is unaware of what happens next as he makes the decision for her that they will have sex. It won’t be until the next day that a horrified Amy discovers how far things went the night before.

The following week and beyond, Amy will struggle with her emotions, coming to the realisation that she wasn’t able to consent to sex and was raped, as Aaron tries to convince her that they both wanted it to happen and that he did nothing wrong.

With family and friends and then the police becoming involved, we see the different reactions and understandings of non-consensual sexual activity as both teens battle with what happened that night.

It is hoped the storyline will open up conversations between families and friends about the issues surrounding sexual activity amongst young people, including consent, awareness, respect and education.

Coronation Street researchers have worked alongside The Schools Consent Project, a charity established in early 2015 which sends legally trained volunteers into schools to deliver workshops on the legal definition of sexual consent and key sexual offences.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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