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Abi proposes to Kevin in Corrie after saving him from the Bistro fridge

But has Debbie made it out alive?

With Abi none the wiser as to Kevin's whereabouts, she decides to head to the Bistro to pay Debbie a visit to talk about what happened with Ray. When Kevin and Debbie hear a faint hammering on the bistro door, Kevin yells out, but to no avail. And Abi is shocked when Chesney tells her that Kevin never turned up at Jack’s camp.

Whilst Debbie and Kevin have a heart-to-heart in the fridge about their childhood, the police call at No.13 to confirm they’re no further forward in tracing Kevin and Debbie. At her wit's end, Abi decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down herself.

Breaking into the Bistro, Abi finds the signed contract on the kitchen floor, but will she find Kevin and Debbie? And as the police question Ray about Kevin and Debbie’s disappearance, he suggests that they’ve done a runner together with his money.

Confiding in Seb, Abi tells him that it would seem Ray signed everything over to Debbie who’s subsequently disappeared along with Kevin. Determined to track them down, Abi enlists the help of Faye to access the bistro computer, looking for clues.

Dragging Debbie to her feet, Kevin insists they must try and keep moving. But as he begs her to stay awake, it's too late as she slips into unconsciousness. When the hypothermia takes hold, Kevin also slips into unconsciousness.

Hearing a noise coming from the fridge, Abi and Faye realise with horror that there’s someone in there. Frantically looking for something to open the door with, Abi smashes the door open with a crowbar and is horrified to find Kevin and Debbie slumped on the fridge floor and Faye comes back with Craig.

As Kevin and Debbie are loaded into the ambulance, a groggy Kevin reveals that it was Ray who locked them in the fridge and Craig radios through to tell his boss they’re dealing with attempted murder.

Collecting Ray from the police station, Miles hands him his passport and flight details. But as he waits smugly in the airport lounge for his flight to Turkey, has Ray managed to evade justice?

Overcome with emotion and grateful that Kevin is still alive, Abi gets down on one knee next to his hospital bed and proposes to him. Delighted, Kevin accepts! When they arrive home all loved up, Seb congratulates the happy couple as Abi admires her new engagement ring.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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