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After destroying Ryan's relationship with Alya, Daisy starts flirting with Daniel in Corrie

Could Ryan and Alya rekindle their romance?

Daisy drags a reluctant Ryan to Speed Daal and shows off in front of Alya making it clear that Ryan is her boyfriend now. As Alya covers her hurt, Ryan feels awkward.

When Daisy criticises the food, she makes a point of telling Alya that they got together as soon as he’d split from her. Annoyed, Ryan puts some cash on the table and heads out.

Downbeat, Ryan reveals to Jenny that he’s been given the afternoon DJ slot at the ski festival and that Daisy won’t be impressed. When he confesses to Daisy that he’s been given an afternoon gig in the children’s tent a few miles from the main venue, she's angry and disappointed.

Later in the Rovers, Ryan apologises to Alya for any hurt he caused her the other day and Daisy’s gutted to realise he still holds a candle for his ex.

But when Daniel orders a bottle of Champagne, revealing that his Mum has given him a house, Daisy’s impressed and looks at him in a new light.

As Ryan heads off to a gig, Daisy takes the opportunity to flirt with Daniel, making out how much she loves kids and complimenting him on his photos of Bertie. As she continues to flirt with him, Daniel laps up the attention and is clearly very taken with her.

And as Daniel and Daisy consider opening another bottle of Champagne, their mood is broken by the return of Ryan. As Daniel heads out, Daisy watches him go, wistfully.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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