Ballum wedding in jeopardy after Callum drops huge bombshell in EastEnders

Will the wedding still go ahead?

Certain that Kush's death was no accident, Whitney tells Callum she can’t go to his wedding despite his assurances that Ben wasn't involved. However Callum's certainty wavers when he overhears Ben planning a meeting. What he doesn't realise is that Ben and Stuart have invited his grandma Violet as a surprise.

When Stuart introduces her to Ben, their first impressions of each other don’t go too well and things go from bad to worse when Ben announces his surprise to Callum. Distracted, Callum demands to know if Ben hurt Kush.

And when Vi arrives, she cottons on to the tense atmosphere and quizzes an anxious Ben who later reiterates that he didn’t hurt Kush, demanding no more lies.

However, taking his soon-to-be husband’s lead, Callum confesses a big secret of his own, that he lied about being undercover and the target wasn't Thompson, but it was Phil all along.

After Callum’s bombshell, Ben is furious and demands answers. Unaware of what’s happened, Phil tries to get things back on track, demanding that Callum fix things.

And in a last ditch attempt to make things right, Callum tells Ben he’ll be waiting at the registry office on Monday. All Ben has to do is show up.

Introducing herself to Phil, Vi demands he takes her for a drink so they can get to know one another. After Vi's comments rub him the wrong way, Phil leaves. Having spotted them together, Kat joins Vi instead to give her a piece of her mind. Later, Phil returns. Grateful that Kat stuck up for him.

Meanwhile at Walford East, Kathy’s trying to get hold of Ben. As Bobby serves her and Peter, Bobby’s lies look like they are about to catch up to him when Dana arrives out of the blue. And Bobby later comes clean to his brother.

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