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Bernie's waters break in EastEnders as Stuart refuses cancer treatment

Will Bernie be willing to hand over her baby boy?

As Rainie and Callum rally together to convince him to attend his hospital appointment, Stuart has other ideas and meets with Warren who sells him more expensive supplements. Furious, Callum tries to make him see sense, but Stuart is having none of it.

Pestering Karen about Bernie's whereabouts, Rainie is worried that she's already had the baby. And with Rainie so stressed and upset, Callum encourages Stuart to go to the appointment for her.

When the doctor reveals Stuart’s cancer has grown and he needs immediate treatment, Rainie is beside herself.

At home, Stuart stands by his holistic approach but their minds turn elsewhere when a heavily pregnant Bernie arrives and Rainie is relieved to hear she still plans to give them the baby. However, she puts pressure on them to give her the rest of the money as soon as the baby is born.

When Bernie questions Stuart’s supplements, Rainie and Stuart cover until Sonia later inadvertently tells Bernie about Stuart’s cancer. As she marches back to the Highways to confront them, Bernie's waters break.

As Bernie goes into labour, a guilty Rainie lies to her and tells her Stuart is beating his cancer and whilst Rainie tries to keep everyone calm in the hospital, Bernie is relieved when Karen arrives.

When the baby is born - a boy - Bernie sees how much Rainie and Stuart care for the baby and agrees to let them have the baby.

But when she's alone, Rainie confesses that Stuart is refusing treatment and can’t let Bernadette give them the baby on a lie. Will this change Bernie’s mind?

As Rainie and Stuart anxiously wait for news on Bernie’s decision, what will she decide?

Stuart meets with Warren who continues to discourage him from getting medical treatment. And when Vi shows up, having heard about her great-grandson. But Vi is confused when a stunned Stuart warns her that she may not see him.

Staring at a bottle of vodka, Rainie is shocked when Vi enters and as she explains Stuart’s situation, Vi is determined to fix things.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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