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Billy is shocked when Stevie turns up in Walford unannounced in EastEnders

But is Stevie right to be suspicious of Nadine?


When Nadine arrives with news she has been kicked out of her house, Lexi is annoyed and pretends to be ill to avoid school. Billy agrees to look after Lexi who reveals that she saw Nadine drinking, however Jay doesn’t believe her. 

As Billy tries to speak to Jay, he accidentally puts his foot in it when he suggests a DNA test.

In an attempt to get the family onside, Nadine arranges peace drinks in The Vic and Billy finally presents Honey her new engagement ring. However, the moment is short-lived when Billy’s dad Stevie arrives.

Stunned to see him, Phil and Billy make it clear to Stevie that he’s not welcome in Walford. And when Stevie turns on the charm offensive, Phil can see through his act and Billy leaves. Consoling Billy, Honey encourages him to speak to his dad. 

Back at No.18, Billy and Stevie have a frank conversation about his childhood but things quickly go south when Jamie is bought up and Billy orders his dad out of his life. 

Later, Honey encourages Stevie to try harder if he wants a relationship with his son.

When Stevie arrives unannounced at No.18, Billy is angered and orders him to leave. Despite Lexi and Honey trying to encourage him to give Stevie a chance, Billy’s adamant he doesn’t want to know. 

Later, Lexi secretly enlists Stevie’s help with Jay as the pair head to 29B where Stevie encourages Nadine to get a DNA test as he grows suspicious of her behaviour.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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