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Caleb manipulates Nate as his affair with Tracy continues in Emmerdale

But when Nate approaches The Mill, are they about to get caught?

In the throes of passion, an enamoured Tracy and Caleb are interrupted by an unsuspecting Nicky.

The next day, in Tug Ghyll, Tracy smiles with a naughty glint in her eye as she browses a lingerie website but is feeling guilty when Nate comes home and compliments her.

The following day, as a danger-loving Tracy heads to lock the door to the shop so she can enjoy some alone time with Caleb, Sam bursts in, ruining the moment.

Back at home, Nate grins as he holds out Tracy’s package and she melts when a complimentary Nate woos her and the pair head upstairs.

Later as a quiet Caleb sits alone in The Woolpack, deciding whether or not to text Tracy, a loved-up Nate and Tracy arrive and Tracy tries to avoid Caleb’s eye.

Not liking what he sees, Caleb later spots Tracy and Nate arm in arm and heads off to intervene, manipulating Nate into giving him some time alone with Tracy to find out why she hasn’t replied to his message.

At the Pub, jealous Caleb can’t stand hearing about Nate’s plans for some afternoon delight with Tracy and decides to invent a job for him to do instead.

Soon Caleb and Tracy are back in a passionate embrace and as Nate makes his way to the Mill, how will Tracy explain herself out of this one? 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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