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Caz left shaken after meeting with Eve after her case is closed by police in EastEnders

Will Theo's meddling force Eve out of Stacey's life?

Suki is concerned to find Eve sleeping rough on a bench, having got drunk all night and following a heart-to-heart about her sister’s death, they head to the police station to share new information on the case.

Only Eve is infuriated to be told that Caz has served her time and the case is now closed.

Heading to The Albert, Eve drinks herself into oblivion, whilst Suki enlists Stacey's help to track Eve down, dragging her away from her coffee with Theo which infuriates him.

Learning the truth about Eve's sister’s death, Stacey panics when Felix reveals she left to go and meet Caz.

Meanwhile, Eve meets Caz outside the Albert. But what for?

When Suki and Stacey find Eve, Stacey takes a shaken Caz back to No.31 to try and diffuse the situation, but Caz is spooked again when Suki and Eve arrive.

Once alone with Caz, Theo meddles, encouraging Caz to go to the police in the hope of getting Eve out of the picture once and for all.

Overhearing, Suki interrupts and Caz makes her excuses for the bathroom. But it's not long before Suki discovers she’s left for the police station.

Soon, Stacey is spooked to return home and finds that her bedroom has been trashed.

When Martin returns from Bulgaria, Stacey keeps tight-lipped on the break-in fearing his reaction and Eve is shocked when Theo arrives to tutor Lily. Following the incident, it's clear that Stacey wants him around and Eve and Theo have some cross words about his meddling behaviour with Caz.

Later, Eve heads to the café to fill Martin in on Stacey’s stalker.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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