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Charity and Mack come face to face with Kerry as they carry out a robbery in Emmerdale

But what is she doing in Chloe's house?

When Charity and Mackenzie arrive to rob Chloe's house, Mack is wowed by the opulence and after they clear a display case of watches, they encounter a maid cleaning and Charity is taken aback to realise it is Kerry.

When Chloe comes home unexpectedly, Kerry covers for Charity and Mack as Charity asks to speak to Chloe’s mum or dad, but Chloe is awkward around the subject.

After Chloe leaves, Kerry warns Charity and Mack to not mention they have seen her and to stay away in the future. Before they leave, she forces them to hand over their ill-gotten gains. Once home, Mack reveals he has kept a watch.

Kerry warns Chloe her father won’t want her keeping in contact with Noah and Sarah. And Chloe is torn about what to do.

When Kerry receives a message from Chloe’s dad to say one of his watches is missing, she's alarmed and soon in the village, a mysterious figure is watching from a parked car. Who is watching Charity and Mackenzie? Have they just invited trouble into their lives?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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