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Chelsea makes her next move using Paul's grief to her advantage in Neighbours

Can she get her hands on Paul's money?


Despite being genuinely rocked by the news of David’s death, Chelsea can’t resist using it to her advantage and plays up her grief to convince Remi and Cara that she should extend her stay.

But when Remi informs her that Paul’s financial situation is not as secure as it appears, she's rocked. Desperate to check if this true, Chelsea weasels her way into Terese’s sympathies, and then learns that the holder of Paul’s financial info is Terese and Paul’s divorce lawyer, Toadie.

As Chelsea continues to place herself in Paul’s orbit, all Paul sees is her care and he appreciates it.

Later, Chelsea is delighted when Paul defends her involvement in David’s funeral planning to a seething Leo. As he deals with his own conflict, Leo later unleashes on Chelsea to take her gold-digging elsewhere.

Meanwhile, clocking Aaron’s frostiness to Krista, Leo prods Aaron into revealing that he feels the same way as Paul, that Krista is as responsible for David’s death as Eden.

When Leo confronts his father, Paul projects his self-loathing onto Krista and challenges Leo to question whether David would be dead if Krista hadn’t come into their lives.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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