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Christmas Day in EastEnders will be Mick Carter's final day in Walford

But how will it all end for him?

Invited by Sharon, Jada has returned for Christmas and when she drops a bombshell on Sharon, Martin, and Zack, Sharon knows what she has to do.

On Christmas Day morning, Shirley is determined to expose Janine for who she is, but she hasn’t quite pieced the full puzzle together. With Linda by her side, they head to The Vic and as they make peace with Mick, Janine sees Jada arrive and is determined to keep her away from Linda.

Both Linda and Shirley are stunned when Janine invites them to Christmas lunch, but there’s a bigger shock ahead!

At the Christmas dinner table, Shirley doesn’t give up trying to expose Janine and it doesn’t take long before a vicious row ensues.

But as Janine continues to shrug off all of Shirley’s accusations, Scarlett walks in. Will she finally tell the truth about her mother?

As secrets and lies are finally exposed, all hell breaks loose in The Vic and with Mick's world imploding around him, he's finally forced to face the harsh reality of his life.

Will he fight for his love with Linda? Will he finally see Janine for who she really is? Only one thing is for certain, Christmas Day is Mick Carter’s last day in Walford.

On Boxing Day, following the events of Christmas day, the fallout of what happened hits home. But will the truth out?

The following day, the residents of Walford wake up to the confusing news that The Vic isn’t opening and as news continues to spread about what has happened, everyone is left stunned.

With news about what happened on Christmas day out and the conversation of the Square, poor Scarlett gets a rough deal when she is the target of someone’s rage. And with the events of Christmas day still haunting those in the Square, Shirley realises that she has made a mistake and goes to make things right with Scarlett.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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