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Ciaran Griffiths joins Corrie as Jacob’s dad Damon

He'll make his on screen debut in December.

Trouble seems to follow Jacob around and despite putting his drug dealing past behind him, it’s about to come knocking once more in the shape of dad Damon played by Ciaran Griffiths who you may recognise from The Bay, Shameless and Waterloo Road.

Having cleaned up his act since escaping evil Harvey’s clutches, Jacob has settled into life on the cobbles, enjoying his relationship with Amy Barlow, a job at the factory and his new found acceptance.

Believing life to be on the up, Jacob and Amy have moved into a flat with friends Summer and Aaron, so when Damon comes looking for his son Jacob is desperate to get rid of his dad.

But why is Jacob so intent on having nothing to do with Damon? What exactly is Damon’s background and why has he suddenly appeared in Weatherfield?

Damon is quick to make out he’s here to put things right with Jacob and make up for lost time, but is there more to it than that, as Damon starts pushing for a business opportunity at the Bistro?

Should Nick and Leanne also be watching their backs once more?

Speaking about taking on the role of Damon in Coronation Street, Ciaran Griffiths said "I'm happy to be back in Manchester to see my family and friends after being away in Australia for the last 3 years. The city has changed so much! And what better way to tie it in with a stint on the Cobbles. I watched Corrie as a kid and it’s great to be back with some old friends both cast and crew. I’m loving having the opportunity to work with some quality Northern actors whose work I have long admired, particularly on such a complex character like Damon."

To which Coronation Street Producer Iain MacLeod added "Having Ciaran on board is so exciting and especially because the character he is playing is so interesting. Damon is charming and likeable on the surface but we will soon see he is much more complicated than that as he goes on to have an explosive impact, both in Jacob’s life and beyond."

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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