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CORRIE SPOILERS Sarah gives in to Adam's flirting

After her financial situation with Gary gets worse.

Still living at No.8, Sarah and Gary are forced to sleep in the living room, on a lilo, after Audrey's dry rot forves her to also move in with David and Gail. Aware of the inconvenience she's causing lately, Audrey offers Gary the contract to fix her dry rot, as long as the price is right.

With things beginning to look up for Gary, he's thrilled to see Nicola back on the street, however his excitement is short-lived after he's reminded that he's behind with his maintenance payments. But having just landed the contact for Audrey's house, he assures her that it's all in hand.

But with Nick unable to offer Sarah a pay rise despite her begging and Gary hearing from Audrey that's he now lost the contact for her house as she’s had a cheaper quote things aren't looking good.

And it gets worse, not happy with the amount of designer clothes Gary bought Zack for Christmas, Sarah is furious when she finds out that he has had lost the contract and had lunch with Nicola.

Desperate for cash, Gary phones his old mate Joe and when they meet up to discuss a building job in Qatar, Sarah's furious to find them together in the pub. And Nicola makes matters worse, when she fills Sarah in on how Gary offered to stop paying her maintenance until he's back on his feet.

Reaching her limit, Sarah hits the bar, downs shots and accepts a nightcap back at Adam's flat. Anything to avoid Gary. As Adam and Sarah flirt over a bottle of wine, Adam leans in to kiss her and Sarah lets him. But will she regret it?

When Seb watches Sarah heading out of the flat closely followed by Adam, he assumes that Adam has been hassling her and wades in by giving him a shove. Incensed, Adam punches Seb.

Taking Seb back to No.11, Sarah tends to his injuries and plays down the situation with Adam and lies to Gary, making out Seb was set upon by a guy he’d never seen before.

But will Seb go along with her story?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV

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