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Dawn fears for her life as she's followed in Emmerdale

But who slashed her wedding dress?

With Dawn making mistakes at work, Vanessa is unimpressed with her work performance but more worrying for Dawn, she's being followed. But who is watching her every move?

After voicing her worry that Alex will take her to court over Lucas, Dawn is comforted by Billy. And as she opens up to him about her problems and suspicions at work, we see she's being watched from a distance.

Despite her fears, Dawn tries to put her suspicions behind her and is excited about her wedding dress fitting and Harriet chokes up as she admires Dawn in her dress.

When they leave for the hen do, the back door rattles as someone tries to enter. Later, at the Hide, Mandy gatecrashes Dawn's quiet hen do and Vanessa senses an opportunity to clear the air with Dawn.

Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Marlon attempts to give Billy a good stag night but the boys are left underwhelmed over what Marlon has planned.

As Dawn heads home to retrieve her phone, the colour drains from her face as she sees her wedding dress has been slashed and defiled. Hearing the door creak, Dawn spots the back door ajar and outside, armed with a bat, Dawn is prepared to fight for her life.

The next day, Dawn worries that she won’t have a wedding dress in time for her wedding, but Leyla says she’ll put in a call.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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