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Denise confronts Phil after he tells Ramond he's his father in EastEnders

Will he fight for custody?

As Kat announces the opening of ‘Kat’s Cabs’ to a small gathering, she notices Phil is distracted by seeing Denise and Raymond.

She later asks Denise to reconsider letting Phil into Raymond’s life, but she refuses.

Offering some words of wisdom, Patrick reminds her that Phil can spend more time with Raymond without him knowing the truth.

Later, Denise shows up at the laundrette and much to his delight, asks Phil if he wants to babysit for a while. As Phil bonds with Raymond, he tells him that one day the laundrette will be his, explaining that he’s his Dad!

As Kat revels in her new job, the happiness doesn't last long when Phil explains that he's told Raymond the truth.

Meanwhile, Denise and Kim are left shocked when Raymond says he got a new toy from his Daddy and Patrick and Kim try to calm Denise down.

Confronting Phil, Denise refuses to let him see Raymond again and Phil asks Billy why he didn't get the courts involved when Honey took Will away. He's given the motivation to do so when Billy wishes he had tried.

Meanwhile, Frankie wonders if it's worth it for Ben to stay mad at Phil if it's making him so miserable and later, a drunk Ben has some harsh words for his dad. Meeting with Denise, Phil drops a bombshell.

In The Vic, Callum suggests Ben should apologise to Phil just as he storms in with Kat. With Ritchie too busy to help with Phil's case for Raymond, Phil leaves after Ben offers to help with a solicitor.

However, when Gray lets him down. Phil has no choice but to ask Ben for help. After giving Phil the info, they agree to meet in the pub later for the football. But when Ben gets an unexpected call from Pam, Phil isn't happy to be left waiting in The Vic.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One

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