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Denzel's lies catch up with him in EastEnders after winning writing competition

Will Patrick and Vi manage to make a convincing couple to help him out?

When Denzel is shortlisted for ‘The Walford Young Writers Competition’, Howie is delighted and takes him and Nugget for a celebratory breakfast at the café.

However, later, an embarrassed Denzel reveals to Nugget that he took the story from a TV show he watched with Amy and fears he’ll be exposed during his upcoming interview with the Walford Gazette.

As Denzel's lies are revealed during his interview, Howie's pride for his son quickly diminishes.

In an attempt to save face in front of the journalist, Howie goes along with the false narrative leading Denzel to overpromise an additional interview with his grandparents, who he claims are the inspiration for his story.

Later, Howie and Rocky enlist the help of Patrick and Vi to act as Denzel’s grandparents for the Walford Gazette.

They turn out to be an instant success with the paper and the reporter. So much so, that the reporter, impressed by their fake love story, insists on a follow-up interview. But can Patrick and Vi pull off another interview alone?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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