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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Carmel struggles to cope Shakil's death

But is she also about to lose Kush?

Umar arrives with Darius looking for someone to blame as Carmel struggles to cope with the loss of her son, breaking down at the sight of a shrine for Shakil in the Square and tearing it apart.

As everyone gathers in The Vic to pay their respects to Shakil, Hunter sneaks Louise, Bex, Tiffany and Bernadette into the E20 and things escalate quickly when they play spin the bottle.

Carmel’s friends and family grow concerned as she sets her mind on finding Shakil’s watch that’s gone missing and Kush is taken back when he realises Darius and Umar are still expecting him to move to Dubai and worries about leaving Carmel.

Carmel is devastated when Umar later lets slip to her that Kush could still be going. Not sure how she's going to cope without Shakil and feeling hopeless, Carmel takes drastic measures and attempts to take her own life.

She immediately regrets it when she finds Shakil’s watch and instantly tries to reverse the situation. When Kush arrives and realising what Carmel has done, calls an ambulance but she insists to the paramedics that she’s fine and assures Kush it was a mistake.

Carmel refuses to attend a memorial for Shakil in the Square which Linda has organised. However Carmel does later join as Linda commences a minute’s silence for Shakil.

These scenes will air Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June on BBC One

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