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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Carmel uses her grief to put an end to knife crime

But is it all a bit too soon?

When Kush turns his back on Carmel, she takes the opportunity to leave the flat and heads to the playground where she has a heart-to-hear with Keegan on the swings.

On a mission to get knives off the streets, Carmel puts a homemade knife surrender bin in the Community Centre but Kush grows increasingly concerned about her and pleads with her to talk to a counsellor.

Ian offers to help Carmel with her campaign by arranging a meeting with the local MP but she worries that his plans may prevent people from coming forward.

At the Community Centre, Carmel is being asked questions about the knife surrender box and starts to buckle under the pressure.

These scenes will air Monday 4th - Friday 8th June on BBC One

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