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EASTENDERS SPOILERS: Halfway has a confession to make

But will Mick like what he hears?

As Mick and Halfway surprise Stuart at his old haunt, the childhood friends channel their younger selves and get drunk. Growing uncomfortable, Halfway reveals to his brother that he’s been lying to Mick. But will he listen to his advice and leave The Vic? Interrupting their conversation, Mick suggests they take things back to The Vic.

After arranging a special night at The Vic with “Suzie the Psychic”, the Carters are annoyed when they discover it’s actually Mo. After some convincing they decide to give her a chance but the residents of Walford are less forgiving. But they start to come round after she correctly predicts Patrick’s return.

Robbie is on-edge after Mo’s warning but is given a reality check from Sonia who tells him to go and impress Donna. After defending her following an argument with Hayley, Robbie refers to her as his girlfriend but things end embarrassingly for him as Donna storms off!

Sensing things are getting out of hand, a drunk Mick calls an end to the night but is stopped by Halfway who has a confession to make.

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Friday 18th May on BBC One


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